Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is SparkLearn®?

A: SparkLearn allows for Rapid delivery of mobile learning content via a flexible content management system and an intuitive mobile app design.


Q: Who created SparkLearn?

A: SparkLearn was created by the team at Float. We’re dedicated dedicated to mobilizing people, processes, and software in high-performing organizations through custom apps, digital strategy, and human-centered design.


Q: What types of content can SparkLearn use?

A: SparkLearn wants to give your learners access to learning content regardless of the format of the content. SparkLearn supports PDF, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, videos, audio, and HTML5 content exported from eLearning Authoring tools. SparkLearn offers enhanced support for HTML5 content that supports the Experience API.


Q: Does SparkLearn have any specific type of content restrictions (e.g. audio, video, media types)?

A: SparkLearn supports any video or audio format supported by the device running the application. However, due to inconsistencies in formats supported by iOS and Android, we’ll work with your team to provide baseline recommendations for reliably delivering rich media to your learners.


Q: Which platforms is SparkLearn available for?

A: SparkLearn is available for the iOS and Android platforms as a mobile app. For desktop users, we provide a responsive Web version, too.


Q: Does SparkLearn work offline or are there restrictions to any of the content being used offline?

A: SparkLearn was designed with flaky connections in mind. When learners access courses and lessons in SparkLearn, the content is cached on their device so they can return to the content anytime, even without an Internet connection. Plus, any assessments completed or analytics tracked while the learner was offline will be synced with the server when an Internet connection is available. (Note: If your content includes streaming videos, those videos will always require an Internet connection to play.)


Q: Can SparkLearn integrate with my company’s Single Sign-On (SSO) System?

A: Absolutely! SparkLearn supports single sign-on through the SAML, CAS, and oAuth 2 protocols. If your company uses something custom, we’re happy to work with your team to get it integrated.


Q: How can I measure usage of SparkLearn content?

A: SparkLearn reports Experience API statements for all content in the app.  These statements help track how often content is access and how long it is being viewed. If the content produces it’s own Experience API statements, SparkLearn will include those in the reports.


Q: What Data Analytic Platforms does SparkLearn integrate with?

A: SparkLearn reports analytics to Google Analytics and the Experience API (xAPI). If your company uses something different, we’re happy to work with your team to get it integrated.


Q: What are the API requirements to share learner data with my LMS?

A: We can work with your LMS team to set up custom APIs to report user completion and activity back to your LMS.


Q: Can my company distribute the SparkLearn app using our MDM or internal app store?

A: Yes! We’ll work with your team prepare the app for private distribution to your learners.


Q: What if my company doesn’t have any sort of MDM or internal app store?

A: No problem! We can release the app on the App Store and Google Play so your learners can easily download the application.


Q: Can SparkLearn accommodate custom branding and colors?

A: Yes, Sparklearn can be customized to meet your specific digital branding requirements including fonts, colors, logos as well as other considerations for displaying photos, videos, or illustrative content.